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Virgo Horoscope - Monday, April 5, 2021: You shouldn't always prioritize your job

Call your siblings, visit your parents, do what you can to let your family know you love them


Your personal problems, work, and other concerns in your mind have made you be a bit absent lately, Virgo. Your love life hasn't been the same and your partner is a bit worried. This Monday you should try to be a bit more caring and show that you're the same person they fell in love with.

Similarly, call your siblings, visit your parents, and let your family know that you love them. You shouldn't spend so much time only worrying about work.

Have you been through a divorce recently? Then you should learn how to love again. You won't have to go through the same experiences again so don't isolate yourself. Rely on those who love you and remember that the best in love is yet to come.

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So you may have noticed that you've been a bit stressed because of your work lately. You can't even stop working during the weekend and you can feel that you haven't been able to relax properly.

You will have to use some of your working time – and your focus – to fix little mistakes. You are a perfectionist and this may cause you to take it longer to finish projects.

Don't take it personally if one of your workmates decides to be a bit too rude today. Monday is a complicated day for many, not just for you.


You will have little time to go to the gym or to prepare delicious meals at home today. However, try not to choose ready-made meals – the ones you only need to microwave for 3 minutes before eating.

You know that these products are packed with salt and sugar and eating them too often may lead to weight gain. Try to prepare something simple at home. It will be healthier, cheaper, and it doesn't take that long after all.

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