Virgo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, October 4, 2020: Think carefully before making any decision

Your emotional life is going through a crisis and you might need the support of a close friend who listens to your problems


Your mood has definitely been much better before. You won’t smile easily today and you can’t seem to find the bright side of life. Virgo, you feel frustrated right now. You don’t feel loved or understood.

Some Virgos will consider breaking up with their partners – or at least will have the thought even if they don’t mention it to their partner. Think carefully before making any decision today. It’s a grey day and maybe your actions are affected by theenvironment. Are your actions real or out of spite?

This astral energy can cause a crisis to single Virgos. There’s something you don’t like about that person you are seeing. You’ve been on a couple of dates already but your sixth sense tells you there’s something wrong, there’s no future for you two, and you’d better stop seeing that person.

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The Stars protect you so your week has a happy ending – at least when it comes to your career because your love life is in a kind of crisis right now.

Your intuition will help you let go of toxic people in your path. Life can get pretty difficult by itself and you don’t need negative people to add more obstacles. You will be able to direct your efforts to your goals  and you will receive more support than you can imagine.

Make sure you don’t rush into any decision today because you could commit mistakes if you don’t think carefully.

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Your well-being isn’t at its best today but you can’t tell exactly what’s wrong: maybe it’s your stomach, maybe it’s your head.

Maybe you’re not really ill and you just need a good friend  with you – someone who listens to your problems and nothing else.

If you want to get rid of the negativity in your house, you can burn rosemary or incense sticks so that you make the negative energies go away.

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