Virgo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, November 4, 2020: You're hungry for success

Listen to your heart and give in to the pleasures your soul is craving for


You feel like enjoying experiences without even thinking of the consequences, Virgo. Days pass very quickly and it seems like it was yesterday when this 2020 had just started. But now you look at the calendar and Christmas is almost here!

You will enjoy love just as it comes with just one condition: you want to do exactly what you heart tells you. These pure feelings will never make those around you feel uncomfortable.

You will be able to introduce your new partner to your family. They will see that you’re serious and your partner will feel welcome. Single Virgo, you will have to leave your fears behind. Reveal your true self to people!

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Your charm will be your best asset at work today. You will be the most persuasive sign in the Horoscope and this can be particularly interesting if you’re your own boss.

However, try not to be egocentric. Don’t believe you’re better than others. You need to value the strength of your competitors and learn from them.

You’re hungry for success but don’t choose any risky or dangerous path to get to the top. The fall from there can be spectacular.

The Stars invite you to be careful with the bargains you see online. There are many scammers out there and some might try to pull your leg so that they can get your money.

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You will have a sweet tooth today. You will have to think and plan ahead if you don’t want to eat everything your body is craving for. Do you fancy some sweets? Then try freezing some fruit to snack instead – some frozen fruit can be delicious!

Some natives could experience inflammation, especially if you have been injured recently. You need to listen to your doctor’s recommendations. But don’t worry because it won’t be anything serious, Virgo.