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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, March 4, 2021: Don't stop your heart

Your relationship with your partner can be equally passionate and surrealistic


Your relationship with your partner might be very passionate and a bit surrealistic too, Virgo. You will have to make a little effort in order to see the situation from an objective perspective. Only then will you find a more relaxed and satisfactory connection.

Your joy will be greater if you participate with enthusiasm in the wishes and plans your partner has. Listen to their dreams and spoil them a bit. If you've been together for a long time, would you dare to propose after a romantic dinner at home?

Single Virgo, you will feel attracted to someone you already knew. You will spend happy moments together but you won't feel brave enough to express your feelings. Come on, Virgo, don't stop your heart and dare to take this step.

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You will be a very brave professional today. You will begin projects that you would have been afraid of at any other moment in your life – such as being a team leader.

You will be very careful with every step you take because you want to build long-lasting things. Your ability to react in front of problems will be wonderful and many of your rivals will admire you for that.

Make sure to pay off all debts – especially if you regularly see the person you owe money to. This also goes for those Virgos who need to give back a valuable object such as a computer or piece of jewelry.


Your health will be generally good despite some stressful moments. Do your best to maintain a healthy diet. Don't eat fried foods or anything too fatty. This way, you will avoid feeling discomfort on your stomach,

Control your coffee intake if you have a tendency to drink too much caffeine during the morning. You can swap it for green tea – it helps you stay alert and will give you plenty of antioxidants.

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