The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, January 4, 2021: Accept your own limitations

Fight that rigidity that controls you sometimes and be more loving with those around you


Don't ignore the problems your relationship may have right now, Virgo. You have a special gift to find easy solutions when life gets complicated. Things will go the direction you choose if you make a little effort.

Be more assertive when listening to your partner: you need to understand well what they're trying to tell you. Be more grateful for the day-to-day little gestures. Your partner also likes it when you spoil them a bit by preparing them dinner or helping around the house, for example.

If you're single, you will fight that emotional rigidity that can possess you sometimes. Don't be so cold with your loved ones: hugs and kisses are free!

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Once you start your working day, spend the time you need to plan all the activities you want to carry out. Having a good strategy from the beginning will help you manage your time more efficiently to be productive.

Also, make sure you take little 10-minute breaks between tasks. Dealing with many responsibilities for too long can make you lose focus. You will learn how to manage your time today – and you'll probably do better than when managing your money!

Once you get home, forget about your job. Just devote your time to your loved ones and leave your responsibilities for the following day. You will continue your projects when you're at work, not at home.


You won't be the most agile sign of the Horoscope today. Luckily you won't be the clumsiest or the weakest either. But  you will have to control your energy levels wisely if you don't want to be exhausted by the end of the evening.

Don't engage in projects or obligations that are beyond your limitations. You need to know your abilities and understand when you're not capable of carrying out some projects.

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