Virgo Horoscope Friday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, July 31, 2020: You won't control things as you expected

The Stars give you an interesting energetic flow that will help you feel in shape and full of hope for the weekend


Your day will be positive when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Venus will give you a magnetism that can’t be ignored.

You will feel that someone new who has never been part of your life before will suddenly come to you. You will be perceived as new and interesting by this person.

Virgos who are married will finally find stability thanks to beautiful and harmonious feelings. If you’ve been through a storm recently, you will feel happy to finally see the Sun today.

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Don’t relax too much in this situation, Virgo. Be careful this Friday because you may not have everything under control in order to please your bosses or clients. Don’t commit mistakes that can have serious consequences.

Consider learning languages and reading books about business management. They will help you understand some details you didn’t really know about.

You should choose to carry only cash with you today. Leave your credit card at home and you will avoid purchasing pricey items in a whim.

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You won’t have health problems today and no planet will threaten your well-being during this Friday. What’s more, the Stars guarantee an interesting energetic flow that will help you feel in shape and full of hope for the weekend – this feeling will increase if you have the weekend off!

Just be careful with one little detail: don’t take anything to an extreme. Don’t act as if you were stronger than you really are because if you overdo it, the situation could turn against you and you might end up feeling a bit tired – and even sad! So take it easy and balance your energy levels.

The best way to finish the day will be a relaxing bath with flower petals – red, if possible – to help you unwind. Light some candles around you and create your own oasis away from the stress of your day-to-day.