The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, November 30, 2020: You're considering a new career

Life has prepared a great opportunity for you to be happy: the one that you really deserve


Virgo, you will be very sensitive today and everything will affect your mood. Maybe this is because Christmas is coming and you are experiencing many happy memories from the past. These memories seem very far away and unrepeatable due to certain circumstances.

Try to express your emotions the right way: measure and choose your words. Your partner is there to bring you their support  and some fresh air.

You will know how to be strong if you’ve decided to finish a long-term romance. This means that you can fall in love again and life has prepared a new and better opportunity to be happy again. You certainly deserve it!

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You will be very concerned about your professional future. You’re hearing the word “crisis” everywhere and every day and you don’t know whether your position is at risk or not.

Many natives will consider a radical change. Maybe you want to start working in a different area that brings you more freedom and independence. You want the flexibility that doesn’t exist in your current position but you feel like you need it.

Mercury – your ruling planet and the god of commerce – will protect you in your decisions. This will be particularly true if your job is related to new technologies.

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Your health will be pretty good. You will benefit from a great ability to recover – especially if you've suffered a muscular injury such as a sprain.

Control your sugar and salt intake. If you definitely want to sweeten your meals, choose honey instead of sugar: it’s a powerful antibacterial and a natural source of antioxidants.

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