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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, March 30, 2021: Simplicity is key

The week has just started so take advantage of all this time and organize your working space


Someone from your past wants to come back to your love life, Virgo. However, you have learned that this person isn't the same – and neither are you! This romance was very important in your past but your heart doesn't want to go through all the insecurities and negativity again.

Single Virgo, you look for a mature and sincere person. You want someone who values honesty as much as you because you've learned your lesson. You won't make the same mistakes of the past.

If you're in a relationship, you need to know that your partner being busy with their own business won't be a problem for you. You two need your own space in order to fill your common garden with roses.

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The week has just started and you still have plenty of time. You should use it to organize your working space. You probably know that this will make you more productive so get rid of everything you don't use anymore and remember that simplicity is key.

The planetary aspects will favour businesses. You feel that your job is well valued right now and this is the right time to evolve and obtain what you want but most importantly, work hard to keep it.

You will have the possibility to get where you want. If you have to sign contracts today choose to do it in the evening because the planets will have a more positive effect.


Avoid alcohol and hot food today, Virgo. Your stomach will be pretty sensitive this last Tuesday of March. Control your food and if you suffer from hemorrhoids, you know that you should try to be more careful with what you eat.

As for your mental health, you can expect a balanced day. You know you own your destiny and you won't listen to anyone who wants to tell you the opposite.

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