Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, October 3, 2020: Reconciliation is possible, Virgo

Today will be a good day to think about your life and analyse your relationships with friends and family


Your life and experiences have taught you that relationships and love aren’t exactly what your parents and fairy tales used to teach you when you were a child. There isn’t a single way of experiencing love, Virgo, and each of us has different experiences with it.

This first Saturday of the month will be a good day to think about your life and analyse your relationships with friends and family. Maybe there’s something you need to change, maybe there’s someone you should get closer to, and maybe there’s someone you should let go in order to be in peace.

Similarly, you will be able to take a step forward and contact again with someone you haven’t seen for a while because of some misunderstandings. Reconciliation is very close if you really want it, Virgo.

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There’s some thunder in your professional universe. There could be some arguments with people who were very close but now you don’t trust as you used to.

You feel they aren’t entirely honest and they might have hidden intentions. What’s more, they don’t even work carefully and sometimes they do things without checking the details.

Regarding your finances, make sure you check your bank to see that you have enough money to pay all the bills this month. Don’t forget that the month has just started but you need to think about the future.

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You’re so used to people telling you that you need to exercise more that you don’t even take them seriously anymore. But this is a mistake, Virgo! Why don’t you use some of your time and exercise a little bit today?

This way you will be able to use some of the extra energy you have and it will help you sleep better at night.