The sign of Virgo in half a purple circle

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, March 3, 2021: You will prioritize your well-being

You don't want to live in the past if this means feeling anger and resentment


Virgo, this Wednesday comes with many pleasures for the natives of your sign who have decided to put an end to a marriage. You will live your divorce or separation with great cordiality – even if the end of your story was a bit tense at the beginning.

You are a very patient person who wants to be happy. You don't want to live in the past because this means that you will feel angry and resented. You prioritize your well-being and are determined to be the protagonist of your own life once and for all.

If you're single, things might be a little bit more complicated for you. The person you like – and who seemed to respond positively to your contact – has seemed to change the way they behave with you.

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Some people at work have decided that they will make you run out of patience today. You will be asked many questions and will feel like a wise teacher. The only problem is that you don't want to teach anyone anything today.

Your intuition will tempt you to participate in businesses that promise quick money without any effort. You know that money doesn't grow on trees so make sure you don't get involved in any shady business.

You will believe someone you trust who doesn't necessarily know the truth. Don't accept dangerous challenges today and don't lend money or make a payment in advance for any project, no matter how much money you're told you will get in return.


You will have to be strong in order to keep your cool when you receive controversial news about people you love. You don't want to break down. Instead, you can become the rock that offers support to others.

Stay away from fast food and say no to chips. There are many tasty side dishes you can have with your meals such as salads, vegetables, or whole rice.

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