The sign of Virgo with a purple starred background

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, January 3, 2021: Don't be too vain

You will indulge in your love life without feeling guilt or remorse


You're one of the most protected signs of the Horoscope, Virgo. You know how to make the most of this occasion and you will do things that you wouldn't usually allow yourself to do. You will indulge in love and you won't feel guilt nor remorse.

If you're in a steady relationship, you will strengthen your bond with little gestures that will happen spontaneously. This Sunday is a day for pleasure for Virgos. Make the most of every minute of the day and prioritize your desires.

If you're single, any projects of union will be favoured by the Stars. However, don't believe every promise you're told today. Try to choose what you're really interested in. You will benefit from restricting your vanity today – not doing it could be counterproductive.

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Your career could be exposed to different types of external threats today. The success you're working for is surrounded by jealousy from third parties. Unfortunately, there's no users' guide to handle jealous workmates.

The Stars invite you to be patient and polite. Don't respond to provocation because showing some aggressiveness could bring more negativity than justice in your life.

Today you may feel tempted to risk some money unnecessarily in areas that you don't really know much about. Control your impulses because today isn't a good day for this type of movements.


The natives who take part in physical contact sports competitions will be lucky today – that goes for those who do karate, wrestling, or any other discipline. Your reflexes and flexibility will be really good as long as you use them correctly.

You may not feel very hungry today but this could be because of stress. Don't worry because you will be fine very soon!

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