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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, December 3, 2020: Your sixth sense will be very acute

You should improve your foreign language skills because it will open many doors in the future


You project an image of strength and determination but the truth is that you’re a very vulnerable person, Virgo. In this sense, this Thursday you could end up doing things with your partner that you don’t really feel like doing or that are against your principles.

Right now, your sixth sense is very sharp but you won’t like the information it will reveal to you.

Some natives of Virgo who are in a conflictive relationship will decide to break up with their partner. Don’t let anyone manipulate you. Always listen to your heart and live your life just as you wish.

Are you getting to know someone? Then try not to talk about delicate topics such as religion or politics because your personalities could clash.

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You will have the chance of signing great deals today. This could ensure a good financial situation that will go on during the following months. Fortune will be more present in the life of those Virgos who are on a business trip.

You should go back to learning foreign languages. It will open international doors and you can never learn too much of a thing!

Some natives will find their true passion. You will finally find that job that fulfills you. Be brave and diplomatic, and always choose the direction of perfection.


A little hormonal imbalance will take you out of your comfort zone and will affect your mood. Maybe this imbalance will be caused by age, or maybe because you’ve changed your medication. Whatever the reason is, you will end up getting used to it.

If you want to channel your tension, you can choose extreme sports. Getting tired will help you switch off during the day and you’ll be able to sleep like a baby at night.

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