Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, August 3, 2020: You will feel strongly attracted to everything from abroad

Your finances seem stable and will actually be better than usual, you will even be able to save some money


You will successfully fight the negative energy of the toxic people around you. Some might be jealous and will interrupt your love life just for fun.

This week begins with very good energy so use it in order to consolidate your marital bond – if you’re married, of course. You need to find the complicity that unites you and your spouse together. Maybe you could try something new and exotic. Who knew this August would be so productive in love!

Single Virgo, you will feel attracted to what’s foreign to you. You will be really interested in people of a different culture, race, or religion. If you’re on a trip right now or you have to travel soon you will be very lucky.

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Your finances seem stable and they will actually be better than usual. You will be able to find the things you want at a very good price. You may find new ways to save money.

Virgo, be very careful and only risk when you think it’s truly necessary. Don’t improvise in your professional life today because you could get involved in something too big for you.

If you’re unemployed, keep your phone around because you can receive an unexpected proposal to start working. Anticipate it and start preparing your job interview now.

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You will start this week with new energies and optimism. If you’ve been through recent physical difficulties, you will start recovering soon. Your body will become stronger and the Stars will offer their protective energy.

Doing sport could help you fight stress. Choose outdoor activities and try to adopt a good philosophy of life.