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Virgo Daily Horoscope for Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Virgo, you need to have fun in good company


Virgo, you'll want to lower your standards a little if you're looking for a partner. You may have become too attached to a certain type. Before you make any move, you should know that it's unlikely you'll find a 100% match to this dream image.

Maybe you should start considering other human aspects. Just because a potential partner doesn't possess all the virtues you'd like, doesn't mean they're not right for you. Give them a chance.

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The Daily Horoscope gives you the strength you need to resist temptation, Virgo. Perhaps you get overly excited as soon as you see some money in your account. Today, a product might capture your attention and seduce you.

However, you must be very aware of the moment you're in right now. You'll be able to afford certain luxuries depending on the price and the circumstances. Don't spend a lot on what you don't need.


Virgo, your efforts will be recognized. You've become an example to follow at work. Among all your skills, you can say that your perfectionism is what defines you.

Projects always pass through your hands before they're delivered. The reason is simple: you're unique in polishing all the details. Your colleagues don't usually worry so much about their own work, but that may change thanks to you.


Virgo, karaoke is one of the best plans in the world. Your group of friends will have the time of their lives if you decide to take them to a place like this. You'll have a good laugh.


Virgo, you should take a little more interest in your skin care. It may not seem important to you, but it certainly is. Your skin could be suffering some deterioration due to multiple causes.

Try to control your hormonal balance, your diet and, above all, the hours of sun exposure.