Virgo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, October 29, 2020: You will get your seductive power back

You should consider doing some type of light exercise or relaxing therapy such as swimming or receiving massages


You’ve started deconstructing everything you used to know about love in order to create it again on top of a new, fresher base. Virgo, you will get rid of many prejudices and you will stop judging what others do.

You will try to get back the spark and the seductive power you used to have before in your life. You want to feel sexy again. You want to be able to see your reflection on any surface and smile with pride.

Give friendship more importance because you’ve abandoned some relationships due to your many day-to-day concerns. You might be busy but if you look for it, you will find some time to spend with your friends. They have important things to tell you.

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You would do anything so your financial and personal situation never changes. You’ve been able to sort out the most difficult moments in your career and now you want to enjoy the peace you’ve been left with.

You will be a good learner. If you’re studying, you will totally make the most of your knowledge. If you’re not studying, you will listen to those around you who have more experience: your parents, your superiors, or the workmates who have been in the company for longer.

Don’t be impatient, Virgo, because all the efforts you’re doing now will have their consequences. But everything needs some time and its rhythm. If you want to get the results earlier than you should, the satisfaction you will get won’t last as long as it could.

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You can relax on this 29th of October. Nothing will go wrong with your body. If you have to slow down, your body will send you the right signal and you will understand it immediately.

You will enjoy light exercise such as swimming or some therapies like massages. Try to avoid quacks that have absolutely no certificates in medicine because you could receive more damage than benefit.

Your gluttony could go out of control today so try to anticipate it and don’t have anything to snack at home: biscuits and sweets will be forbidden!