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Virgo Horoscope - Monday, March 29, 2021: Don't be afraid of being yourself

Do your best at work because you are being watched and you shouldn't do things carelessly


Single Virgo, you can't seem to find a situation where the person you like notices you. You want them to see you as something more than a friend. Try being yourself. Be more spontaneous and let things happen naturally.

If things don't seem to go anywhere, maybe it's because you're not meant to be. If this is the case, then don't be upset. You don't need dramas in your life and remember that the world is full of really interesting people.

If you're a married Virgo, you may have noticed a lack of understanding with your spouse lately. Whenever you say one thing, your partner says the opposite and you never get to decide who is entirely right. But don't worry because these conflicts won't be anything serious. What's more,  get ready for a passionate and funny reconciliation!

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You have been a bit careless at work lately and you haven't thought of the consequence of your mistakes. You are being watched, Virgo, so you shouldn't make any more mistakes. Think clearly and begin the week by trying your best at work.

Today will be a particularly interesting day for those natives who work with children or elderly people. You will feel loved and valued and you will have the motivation to continue working hard.

Has a friend or someone in your family asked you to lend them money? If your first thought was negative, you'd better listen to your sixth sense. Lending money to someone else will become a problem more than a good deed.


Do you spend your day next to a source of heat such as heaters or ovens? This can cause you to suffer from a blocked nose because it dries your mucous membranes. If this is the case, you should drink plenty of water so that your body isn't dehydrated.

Have you been a victim of cyberbullying? Don't ignore it and talk to the police if necessary.

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