Virgo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, November 28, 2020: You may be a bit overconfident

You will start taking care of yourself after observing other people's health problems


You are overconfident and this could distort your perception of reality, Virgo

Your partner isn’t exactly happy. They’re a little bit sad because of certain behaviours you’ve presented. They aren’t exactly right but you’ve normalized them and started considering them inoffensive and usual. You will have to step back and see everything from a different perspective.

Talk to a good friend. They will show you the line you should not trespass and you will be able to get back all the love you’ve started to lose, Virgo.

If you’re a single native, your excess confidence could make you commit a mistake with the person you like. You should try to be a bit more humble and cautious.

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It’s a beautiful day and your efforts will be rewarded today. You’ve been working hard and now you’re ready to collect the fruit of your efforts. Maybe you expected a little bit more but you won’t be disappointed either.

Some natives will get a rise, a bonus, or some type of reward that will help you get a better standard of living. If this is your case, don’t waste it because Christmas is around the corner and you will be grateful to have an extra.

However, most natives will be happy with a mere distinction, just a pat on the back and nothing else. The satisfaction of a job well done will be enough for you.

Are you trying to reduce your bills? Stop wasting your tap water and remember to switch off all the lights you’re not using.

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You should take more calcium lately. Maybe you’re not drinking enough milk or you’ve reduced the amount of cheese or yoghurt you eat. You need to think about your bones and your teeth.

If someone around you is suffering from health problems, you will learn from their issues and will adopt a better lifestyle.