Virgo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, July 28, 2020: You will experience many contrasts today

The power to appease your contradictions lies inside of you so choose the right direction


The Stars don’t see any unexpected event in your love life this Tuesday. Why don’t you go on an improvised trip in order to avoid this exhausting routine? You don’t need to wait until the weekend to do something crazy!

Let your intuition guide you and spend a night of passion somewhere in nature. The natural surroundings will let your animal instinct emerge.

If you’re single, you need to risk if you want to win. Fight for the person you like and don’t let anything or anybody scare you.

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You’re full of contrasts, Virgo. You feel tempted to become the star of the play. You want others to value your hard work and recognise your wonderful skills.

On the other hand, right now you’re more afraid of failure than you’ve ever been in your whole life. You believe that one slip can destroy all your progress and nobody will trust you again. The power to appease these contradictions lies inside of you so choose the right direction.

Some recent compulsive expenses may have put you between a rock and a hard place. You will have to start calculating and planning your budget.

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You’re made of fire today but not in the best sense of the expression. You will suffer the hot temperatures and you will feel even hotter than those around you on many occasions.

Try drinking lots of water during the whole day and wear light-coloured clothes that let your body breathe. Find the best technique to cool your body a little bit.