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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, January 28, 2021: Don't be too hard on yourself

Find new goals to meet every day: something small and easy that boosts your confidence


The way you deal with feelings is evolving, Virgo, and this affects the way you experience love. You will be a little bit more pessimistic than usual. You've started digging into your past instead of moving on and looking at the future in the eyes.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You could try taking this Thursday as a parenthesis in your life. But tomorrow you need to continue your life with all your energy.

If you're single, you will have to use your contacts in order to see some light. The month is about to end and you may want to go out someday and see if you can meet someone new. Remember that your heart might be broken but it keeps beating every day.

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You won't be very optimistic today and this will also affect your working day. Your routine will be a bit difficult to deal with and you will complain about your day-to-day issues. You won't be able to see that we all are dealing with the same problems. Your partner, your neighbour, and even the local baker are going through the same.

Your salary could arrive a little bit later this time and you will have to be wise with the money you have left. Don't get nervous because you're perfectly capable of controlling the situation.

You could start setting daily goals. Something small that isn't difficult to achieve. Once you meet them, you will feel more confident and it will motivate you to deal with the bigger stuff.


Get some sunlight into your life. Open the windows of your home and walk under the sunshine. Maybe you can go for a walk on the beach early in the morning! This way, your darkest thoughts will start losing intensity.

Set your alarm clock a little bit earlier than usual today. You can beat the laziness and the reward of having some more minutes for yourself will be fantastic. Having a calm breakfast while watching the sunrise is a luxury. Have you ever tried it?

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