The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, December 28, 2020: Find your own pace

Forget about the fairy tales your parents used to tell you when you were a child; reality is different


This week begins with a feeling of solitude or emotional disappointment, Virgo. Luckily, you will soon realize that the Sun shines for you and your heart and you will be able to turn the situation around.

If you’re single, you will think objectively about your expectations in love. Forget the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime; this is real life! Listen to your heart and don’t settle for what people expect from you.

If you’re a married Virgo, you will understand that every relationship has its own specific rules. Comparing your current relationship with your past relationships is not fair.

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Your phone will be pretty active today, Virgo. Especially if you’re waiting for some news regarding a job application. The phone is the usual way of receiving such news but you also should pay attention to your email or similar communication channels.

The life of Virgo is full of good news in general. You will be particularly lucky if you’re signing a real estate contract – no matter if you’re buying or selling.

Don’t let anybody tell you what to do in your professional life. You won’t accept passive and conformist attitudes. Fight hard for your objectives and find your own rhythm. 


You could be a bit too controlling and purist today. You could even become too obsessed up to the point that your actions may be detrimental to your health.

Find a middle ground in all the aspects of your life. If you’re too restrictive you will end up losing your mind! Virgo, there are certain moments in life that happen only once in a lifetime. Sometimes you need to make the most of your days without thinking about the consequences.

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