The sign of Virgo with a purple starred background

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, December 27, 2020: Make the most of your day

You will find out that you have more things in common with your family than you had imagined


Your love life will become stable today, Virgo. The bad moments you’ve been through these last days will abandon your home and your family life will be full of harmony and peace. Even your usual routine will feel like a balm right now!

You can use this quiet time to enjoy activities with your family – your direct relatives or your in-laws – and you will find that you have many things in common despite the obvious differences.

Your partner is there for you, Virgo. They will give you the love and attention you need without expecting anything in exchange. If you’re single, today will be a pretty uneventful day in love but this won’t bother you because it isn’t something you need right now.

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Set your alarm clock and make the most of this Sunday. Whether you are going to work or you’re staying at home, the first hours of the day will be the most productive ones today.

The Stars invite you to be suspicious of any promises of easy money. Don’t sign anything you don’t control and read all the small print before you agree with a contract. Make sure there isn’t any unfair or ambiguous term.

If you want to control your expenses, you can try to download an app that lets you manage the money you spend every day.


Being overweight isn’t just an aesthetic problem, Virgo. It’s detrimental to your health.  If you have this problem, don’t hesitate and take action! Don’t make your skeleton hold more weight than it should!

Control your sweets intake and also remember that this type of food also harms your teeth. You will be solving two problems

Apart from that, you will have an easy day and you will laugh a lot. A lot of people ignore the healing power of laughter but you certainly know that your physical and mental health benefits every time you spend some fun time with your loved ones – or even by yourself!

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