Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, October 26, 2020: You will overcome your shyness little by little

You will get rid of anybody with bad intentions who wants to cast a shadow in your love life


Your love is protected and armoured against any kind of negativity, Virgo. You can start the week with your guard down so try to relax and enjoy what life has prepared for you. You will bring stability, fidelity, and commitment to those around you.

You will consolidate your relationship and you will see how solid your bond can get. Single Virgos will be a bit shy but as the day goes on your attitude will change radically. When the moon is in the sky, you will seduce all the hearts.

You will get rid of anybody with bad intentions who wants to cast a shadow in your love life. You will create happiness in your life.

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The Horoscope sings the praises of your honesty  when dealing with things and mentioning issues. You go straight to the point because talking around things isn’t your style. This will save you lots of misunderstandings because you have this ability to say a lot with just a few words. You won’t give more explanations than you want to give.

If you have business abroad, be more careful than ever when investing because you could be working with data that isn’t exactly true.

You will be a little bit of a scatterbrain today. Be careful and don’t get too distracted or you could end up forgetting your bag, your wallet, or your phone somewhere.

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You usually postpone important appointments regarding your health such as the yearly check-up at the dentist, or the appointment you should make with the physiotherapist so that you can forget about that muscle contracture on your back.

Don’t leave for tomorrow anything related to your health. Come on, be more sensible and you won’t have to regret your decisions in the future. Both your physical and psychological well-being are equally important and you need to look after them.

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