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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, February 26, 2021: You deserve happiness in your life

What you feel for your partner is more than love: it's unconditional admiration


Virgo, what you feel for your partner goes beyond love. You feel a true admiration for this person: you observe their gestures, applaud their achievements, and help them keep on the right track when they seem to lose direction. You will let your partner know that you will always be there to help and support them.

If you're single, you will meet someone who will make you feel like a fire is burning inside of you. You want to make sure you keep their contact info because you will want to go on a date very soon!

What will call your attention about this person will be the way they laugh or the way they express themselves more than their general appearance. The butterflies in your stomach are a dead giveaway: you're a match made in heaven! You can believe it, Virgo, you deserve someone who brings happiness in your life.

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You might be very lucky in the area of love but your professional life and finances aren't that positive, Virgo. You will have to be patient when dealing with these issues today.

Try not to rush into anything or force things to happen the way you want. When you feel that your knowledge and skills aren't helping you, you'd better change the strategy. Don't forget to ask for advice whenever you feel stuck!


Things can be easy for your well-being today. If you go to the doctor for a check-up, don't take their observations personally  and let them help you. After all, you're receiving the opinion of a professional.

Do you want to oxygenate your body and soul? You can try meditating outdoors in a garden or on the beach. This will help you find your place in the world again.

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