The Virgo sign surrounded by stars

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, December 26, 2020: Learn how to anticipate problems

Leave your phone in a different room and switch off from your problems; today is a day to relax


The Stars predict clouds in the love and family horizon of Virgo. You’re at risk of experience a thunderstorm but you’re still in time to find shelter. You only need to anticipate the problems of the heart.

You can have a sharp tongue sometimes and you tend to speak quicker than you think. You may make offensive comments to your partner and their response will be something you didn’t expect they would ever say.

You will have many doubts regarding your side of a family argument. You don’t have all the information because there’s someone who isn’t telling all the truth.

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If your relationship with a certain workmate isn’t very good right now, try to walk in their shoes for a second. You will soon see that both of you are trying your best. Other people also have a bad time and get frustrated when things don’t go as they planned.

You’re nervous about your bank account and your last salary. You may have a surprise and receive a little bit less than you had expected at first. If this is the case, it’s time you fight for what you deserve, Virgo.

Those natives who have the day off will take advantage of their free time and relax. Leave your phone in a drawer and don’t look at it today. You will have a more peaceful day.


You have some interesting ideas to improve your physical appearance but don’t choose the shortcut! Don’t trust those doctors whose qualifications don’t seem legit or unprofessional coaches. These types of profiles can be more harmful than helpful for your health.

Be patient if you expect to see results from the gym. They take a while but they eventually happen! Also, wait some time for wounds to heal. The Stars predict you will have a tendency to ignore health-related advice today so make sure you look after yourself and don’t give in.

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