Virgo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, October 25, 2020: Make the most of your creative skills

The best revenge after a betrayal can be exposing the traitors and offering them your forgiveness


Virgo, you will think that you’ve started the day off on the wrong foot – or you’ve even awakened on a completely different planet! Your other half probably won’t act with the objectivity you expected when they’re with family, friends, or even with you.

If there is a serious conflict during the day, you will have the formula to find peace through empathy. You will have to be sweet for the two of you today.

If you’re single, be careful with the words you say and that escape your mouth without control. Even if you don’t want to, you could reveal the name of the person you secretly love – and still has no idea about your feelings!

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You will know about someone’s disloyalty to you. It can be in the area of work or money. Someone you love has done terrible things unnecessarily and these things will now affect you negatively.

If you have to start a fight with that person – or people – who betrayed you, think about how long the battle can get. Maybe the best revenge can be exposing them first and offering your forgiveness.

Your damaged honour will be easily restored. After all, everybody knows you’re an honest person.

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You will be quick-witted today and this agility will help you sort out many aspects in your life.

Choose not to drink sodas or other fizzy drinks today. They have way too much sugar that doesn’t do you any good. If you’re thirsty, there’s nothing like mineral water.

Having a morning shower will stimulate your creativity. If you’re artsy you will be able to work on your skills this Sunday.

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