Virgo Thursday on a night sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, March 25, 2021: You will enjoy the game of seduction

Your analytical thinking will be very sharp and you will be way ahead of your competitors


You're a very empathic person, Virgo, and this Thursday you will be particularly receptive to other people's emotions. This attitude will help your romantic relationship and make it easier.

Do you think you owe an apology to your partner? Then you will be straightforward about it. Your partner's answer will be very positive and everything will go well. Similarly,  you will be able to forgive your partner's past mistakes.

If you're single, you will play the game of seduction. You are one of the warmest and most passionate signs today. The person you like is very close and you will find out how compatible you can be.

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You will be happy to slow down at work and your results will be much better. You will be able to use your analytical thinking skills and this will make you be ahead of your competitors.

If you have recently changed your position at work or you're working for a new company, you will feel more relaxed. You're getting to find your place and you're becoming more and more independent. Luck will be by your side if you're starting your own business, Virgo.

Are you planning on investing your money? Make sure you ask for the right advice. You want to be as objective as you can so don't trust those who just promise you everything will be alright.


Your health is fantastic, Virgo.  If you've had pain in your back or neck, you will feel much better today. Your appointments with the physiotherapist are definitely worth it so don't stop going just because you started to feel better.

You are battling insomnia these days so try to find a way to sleep better. These nights when you can't sleep well have a negative effect on your ability to focus the following day.

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