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Virgo Horoscope - Monday, January 25, 2021: You will make good use of your personal resources

It's a good day for reunions and new opportunities in love


Your heart doesn't seem to know its place today, Virgo. You could be carried away by the circumstances and end up with someone who is part of your past and – in theory – you thought would remain there.

The day favours reunions and second opportunities in love. If you're a single Virgo, you can try this relationship and leave your prejudices aside. What happened in the past will remain in the past but the spark in each other's eyes is happening right now in the present.

If you're married, the Stars predict a quiet beginning of the week. There won't be anything unexpected that could shake your day.

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Be flexible with your schedule. No matter how many events and commitments you have: there's always something unexpected that can surprise you and maybe you will have to postpone what you believe to be the most important appointment of the week.

You won't be lucky at home either. You could suffer a little accident with one of your appliances such as your fridge or washing machine and you will have to replace it. Similarly, you could also have a flat tyre if you're driving your car today.

But Virgo, even if this 25th of January doesn't seem to be your day, you can't stop smiling! This will have a positive impact on your working environment – especially if you have to see your workmates or your clients.


Your health is strongly related to your happiness. Don't offer to do more things than you can really do; your people will continue loving you and you won't think you've failed.

This doesn't mean that you will be weak these days. On the contrary, you will be full of energy and creativity. But you need to use these resources on your favour, not just to benefit others.

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