Virgo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, September 24, 2020: You value true authenticity

You will remember many old anecdotes but you can happily conclude that the best things are yet to come


Attracting the right person is as important as letting go of those who have bad intentions. And you will be very lucky, Virgo, because a candidate whose intentions weren’t that clear will decide to leave your life and never come back. You will definitely feel relieved after that!

If you’ve just started a new chapter in your love life, you need to be authentic. And you expect the same from the other person because it’s a quality you really value a lot. You don’t want the other person to tell you the things you want to hear if they don’t mean them. You don’t want more disappointments in your life.

If you’re married, you will have a pretty good day full of memories. You will remember many old anecdotes but you can happily conclude that the best things are yet to come.

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Try not to improvise too much when it comes to doing business today and things will go well. You could really do great things if you really want to. Your mind will be really powerful today.

You will receive enough money to update your payments. Maybe one of your projects will receive greater value than usual. Keep up the good job, Virgo!

Is there anything you’ve lent that has never been returned to you? Well, it’s time you claim it instead of assuming you won’t have it ever again. Maybe it’s a piece of jewellery someone borrowed for a wedding, a book, or a tool. Claim what’s yours.

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You have too much free time and you’ve been thinking a lot up to the point that simple issues have become a difficult problem for you.

You need new responsibilities. Do you have a pet? As long as you understand it’s a long-term commitment and assuming you have the time and money to do it, you could consider giving a second chance to a shelter pet.

As for your physical health, take a look at the drinks you usually have.  Try to say goodbye to alcohol and sugary drinks for a time. Your body will thank you for it.