Virgo Horoscope Friday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, July 24, 2020: Be happy for other people's success

Control your fears and your common sense will tell you the way to continue advancing


The person with whom you’re sharing your life won’t be in the best mood this Friday. They’ve started the day in a bad mood so you will have to do your best to maintain the harmony in your home.

Don’t worry if your daily situations become a bit conflictive today. Things that tend to be invisible will magnify today in quite a tedious and annoying way.

Let the storm pass, Virgo. Don’t try to convince anyone or change anybody’s mind today and say sorry even if you don’t feel like it. Just let things pass without getting involved. Tomorrow will be a new day and it will be more beautiful and sensible.

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You’re very careful with your money. You know that deep inside you there is a warrior that won’t let a single cent leave your pocket without previous permission. You will fight hard to improve your material life and you will try to pay off debt – or at least you’ll pay as much as you can.

You may feel trapped at work. You could be entering somewhere strange and you can’t find the exit. Control your fears and your common sense will tell you the way to continue advancing.

Just listen to this advice, Virgo: feel happy when your colleagues’ situation improves. If you want others to applaud your success, you also need to celebrate when somebody else succeeds.


Your body is telling you that there’s something wrong. Some Virgos could experience a rash or itchy skin, and some others will have problems to sleep. All this means that you need to do some changes for your mental health. Stress is taking control.

You’re not entirely aware of your nerves and you think that this is a problem that only affects others. You believe you’re like a superhero who can’t get hurt.

Try to think about your issues this Friday. You will find the source of your tension and once you do it you will devote your energy to remedy it.