The sign of Virgo with a purple starred background

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, January 24, 2021: You can leave out some details

Take advantage of your personal energy and make a ritual that attracts money and work


You will communicate easily, Virgo, and you will tell your partner everything that goes through your mind. You don't mind if you are seen as reckless or too passionate.

Life has taught you that dialogue is the way to happiness. However, maybe there are certain details you can leave out when you're talking as long as they favour stability and a good environment.

If you're single, you're too busy cultivating your inner self and you may miss great moments.  Don't be so restrictive and invite that special person that you like to get to know your little world. You can be very happy if you do so!

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You like to think about work a bit too much – even when you have the day off! Maybe you need to slow down because you're getting a bit too tense. You're constantly thinking of the best way to improve your situation.

Luckily, you have a powerful inner voice that tells you what is true and what is false. Listen to your gut and focus on the ideas that you know can become strong projects and forget about the ones that are pure fantasy.

You will be one of the signs with greater personal energy. Take advantage of it and perform some ritual to attract money and work. The results can be surprising!


You tend to be too permissive with your diet when the weekend comes. You eat too many products that don't sit well on your stomach or that are detrimental to the results you're getting with your diet and going to the gym.

Today's goal will be to eat mindfully. Forget about fast food; don't even start checking their attractive prices and ads. Choose a healthy option today.

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