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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, December 24, 2020: You need to relax a bit

The old taboos you used to have about love and sex have started to break


You will easily spice up your love life today, Virgo. The 24th of December tends to be a day to watch Christmas films but you will be in the mood for something more passionate and for adults. Enjoy your renewed sensuality, Virgo; you deserve it!

With the passing of time, you’ve broken certain taboos regarding love and sex. These taboos may have had their origin in old religious beliefs that made you think about intimate relationships as something dirty that had to be avoided. But now you want to give in and make the most of it – and the experience will be worth it!

Your partner will receive all your suggestions with excitement – and maybe they will even improve them! If you’re single, you will know how to avoid certain people that won’t be very beneficial for you and are just making empty promises.

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If you take a secondary role at work you will be able to enjoy a peaceful day without arguments or stress. If you see some injustice, note it down but take action some other day. Don’t let any angry workmate ruin your Christmas.

You will have your consumerism under control. Of course, you will want to spend some money on expensive products but you will be able to tell whether you need them or not and you’ll be able to go without the unnecessary items.

Don’t take into account the wealth of the other person when picking a present for someone. Listen to your heart when making presents.


Sometimes you will see yourself as a superhero who can do a million tasks at the same time. However, this will get you stressed because responsibilities will accumulate and you will have a pending task when you still haven’t finished the previous one.

Don’t get scared if you feel your neck is stiffer than usual or you feel some back pain. You just need to rest and relax.

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