Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, November 23, 2020: Don't let any situation intimidate you

You're willing to give and take love and you can expect to feel the butterflies in your stomach again


Venus will bring you plenty of happiness and pleasure today. Virgo will be the sign of the Horoscope with more protection in the area of love. You really want to give and take love and you will enjoy plenty of sensual moments with your partner.

Your other half will participate in this dynamic and will understand what you want to do. You won’t need words today because your non-verbal communication will be enough.

Single Virgo, you should use today’s good vibrations to plan a date with that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat. Don’t be afraid and try it!

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The decisions made in your workplace will affect your job directly but you feel that nobody is taking your point of view into account. You would appreciate it if someone could listen to you – especially if this could affect your immediate future.

Those who have more power will be the ones who make decisions. However, you will be able to subtly hint in what you think. You’re still on time to prove your worth.

Don’t let your guard down, Virgo. You need to be brave and determined in order to walk the path of life. This is what will let you make money and succeed in your field.

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Choose local products when shopping for food. You don’t need to eat fruits and vegetables from different countries. Their nutritional value won’t be that different from the food that grows close from home.

Christmas isn’t here yet so don’t commit excesses too soon and avoid buying the typical sweets that we all eat these days. You will have plenty of them when the holidays start!

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