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Daily Horoscope for Virgo for Thursday, June 23, 2022

Virgo, you must be true to yourself


Virgo, you'll be put to the test today. You could experience a situation that pushes you to the limit and makes you question your own values. How serious it is will depend on the attention and importance you give to it.

If you think you risk too much by going down this path, don't do it. In these cases, you need to remain where you feel good. Be aware of what you already have.


The Daily Horoscope recommends you help those who helped you, Virgo. If you know that a relative is hard up for money, give them financial support. They won't need a large sum; just help them with the basics.

You could do the shopping for them or pay those bills they can't afford right now. You don't have a lot of resources to spare but your needs are covered – and you're able to help your loved ones. The universe will pay you back.


Virgo, you'll be able to recognise the good in you. Even if you make a thousand mistakes, your sense of duty will always remain unchanged. It doesn't matter if you are a bit clumsy at work because you put in more effort than anybody else.

You have a strong drive and it shows from the very first moment. You may receive encouragement to keep working hard as you've been doing. Don't dwell so much on the negative and try to focus more on the positive.


Your Daily Horoscope says that today is the perfect day to let off steam. Perhaps your difficulty in communicating lies in the fact that you don't explain your problems.

Today you should try to open up to those around you and tell them about your concerns. They'll immediately empathise with you. They'll try to meet your needs as far as possible, Virgo.

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