The Virgo sign surrounded by stars

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, January 23, 2021: Never forget that you're the owner of your destiny

You're getting closer and closer from that career opportunity you've been dreaming about


Virgo, you know there are lots of myths around your emotional life. Your shy nature has made you hide very simple situations that have caused others to invent rumours. Some might be as crazy as you living a romance with a very rich person, or evenyou having secret children!

This Saturday is a good day to tackle these issues. But you can also remain silent and see where all this is going.  Who knows, maybe if you let people talk you can have fun while observing their conclusions.

Remember that you own our destiny and your life. If you're single or just divorced, you don't need to give anybody explanations about who you're dating and where you're going.

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You're getting closer to receiving a career proposal. Maybe you will be invited to participate in a great project you've been willing to work on for so long. Or maybe you will geet closer to your true passion – the one that makes you smile every time you think about it.

This Saturday is a good day to think about your possible new path. See how you can bring out the best in you. Overcome your fears and don't think that this is too difficult for you because you're worth more than you can imagine.

Does money burn when you touch it? You're spending a lot and very quickly. You'd rather stop now or you'll regret it by the end of the month.


You should rest a little bit if you want to recover your usual energy levels. Sleep well and don't set your alarm clock unless it's necessary. If you're not working today, make the most of your Saturday and do some light exercise – if possible, as a team.

This type of physical activit will help you gain control of your body and mind. It will teach you how to control your reflexes and your strategic thinking.

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