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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 23, 2021: Defend your dignity as a worker

You will consider up to which extent society is making you live your love life in a certain way


You will think a lot about your love life, Virgo. You analyse society and consider up to which extent it's forcing you to live your love life in a certain way – and you've started to think whether this way is the right one for you or not. Is there any problem if you skip some steps? Or will anything happen if you abandon someone's directions in order to follow your own heart?

You aren't sure about this idea that there's only one great love in life, someone with whom you will share everything. Maybe if you accept such a traditional point of view you're closing the door to other pleasures and relationships that can make you very happy in a complementary way.

Single Virgo, you may meet a romantic interest from the past but you will soon be reminded of why your story had to come to an end.

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You will go through some complicated moments at work this week, Virgo. You will have many doubts and questions, no matter if your job is temporary or you have a secure position.

You hear people use the word crisis but you don't seem to find new opportunities that make you decide and risk it all. Fight for your dignity as a worker, Virgo.

If you're in a particularly complicated financial situation, you will feel forced to accept certain proposals that are against your beliefs. You're not fighting against what you believe to be a problem but at least this time you've been able to keep your payments up to date.


You spend too much time with certain health and beauty rituals  but you don't seem to see the results you had expected. Maybe you're doing something wrong or maybe you're just using a treatment that has no scientific explanation.

One very important thing you can do for your health and beauty is drinking plenty of water. Always bring a bottle with you and drink whenever you feel thirsty. If the bottle is made of any durable material such as metal, much better. This way you can refill it and you will look after the environment.

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