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Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, December 23, 2020: You will have brief but fun romances

Too much ambition and the desire to maintain your social status won't benefit your love life


Mixing love with other types of interests never comes with good results, Virgo – especially if the other interest is finances. Today you could experience arguments at home because of money; probably because there will be something you won’t be able to pay.

You can be too ambitious and willing to maintain a social status but this isn’t what your heart really needs right now. The warm hug of a loved one is something you can’t buy.

If you’re honest with your partner, the Stars don’t predict any problems for you. You may even renovate your passion once the moon is in the Sky! If you’re single, you will enjoy brief and fun romances.

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You will be busy at work. A lot of people will ask for your knowledge and your opinion for their projects. This could delay your own individual projects so make sure you control your time.

You won’t have to worry too much because you will ace every task you start. However, you should never brag about abilities you don’t really possess – boasting won’t have positive consequences. Your ability to work will inspire others and you will become a role model.

You will have to be careful with your excessive reactions, though. Especially if someone tells you something that you consider is a lack of respect. You won’t benefit from being too authoritarian.


Be very calm and quiet this Wednesday. Avoid sudden movements – especially if you’re recovering from an injury or you’re pregnant.

If you want to feel better with yourself, you can change your look: try a new hairstyle, change your hair’s colour, do something that enhances your natural beauty!

If you’re on holiday, you need to charge your batteries so that you can be at your best in the following months. This 2021 will be intense and you will be ready for it. Avoid too much sun exposure and always use sunscreen.

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