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Virgo Daily Horoscope for Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Virgo, there are some differences you can't ignore


Virgo, those who are radical opposites, usually have no future. "Opposites attract" is just an expression, not a true statement. If you have a partner, perhaps you should consider whether your relationship will go far.

You certainly can adapt to each other, but only just enough. Too many differences could doom your relationship to failure.

If you're single, maybe you should consider your type. For some reason, you always end up settling for those who are clearly incompatible with you. A similar view is essential for a relationship to work.

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The Daily Horoscope indicates you'll have some difficulty in closing a deal, Virgo. You may have had to deal with the pickiest client. Even if you have prepared the relevant document from the beginning, you'll have to sit and wait.

Your buyer will want to make sure over and over again that everything is in order. Their indecision might get on your nerves, but you need to stay patient for it to work in your favor. Try to breathe deeply and wait.


Virgo, you'll vibe very high in the work environment today. It seems that tensions between colleagues are finally beginning to ease. Attending some get-togethers or dinners organized by the company will help you connect with them. 

Some more personal issues may come to light during these moments. Talking it over with your colleagues will inevitably bring you closer to them. From now on, you'll try to make each other's day more pleasant.


Virgo, there are millions of topics you can talk about. Stop focusing so much on the negative or taboo issues if you want to avoid arguments with your loved ones.


Virgo, intermittent fasting has multiple health benefits. If you want to lose weight and feel better, you should try it. Your situation could improve dramatically once you make it part of your routine.

However, talk to your doctor first to make sure everything is in order. You must meet certain health conditions if you want to try it.