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Virgo Horoscope - Monday, March 22, 2021: Choose healthy leisure activities

You know that getting what you want is completely up to you


You want your love stories to succeed no matter what, Virgo. You could be one of the most persistent signs of the Zodiac – maybe even the most! You know that getting what you want is completely up to you and you're ready to get it.

The risk is there, you know it. There could be some rival who loves the same person and isn't willing to make things easy for you. Challenge accepted.

If you're single, a series of unexpected events could turn your dates into impossible missions. However, you're ready to accept surprises and determined to make things work.

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You can't work miracles, Virgo. The conditions of your position at work are the ones you have with their limitations. No matter how skillful you are at solving problems – you can't always succeed at making it right.

Don't be too surprised if you even get scolded for something you've done wrong. Maybe you used a shortcut because you thought nobody would notice it.

How are your finances? Are you doing alright? Or have you already considered applying for a loan? Remember that this is something you should only do if you're desperate. If you think you can make it without asking for money, you'd better accept the sacrifice.


You're daydreaming all the time and thinking about everything – the summer holidays seem so far yet so real in your mind! However, this can affect your productivity. Your mind can't take a break and you seem to change your mind all the time.

This week, try to choose healthy leisure activities. If you only unwind by partying hard and drinking at night, your immune system will feel the consequences. You're living a hectic lifestyle and you'd better start to take it easy, Virgo.

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