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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, December 22, 2020: Compliment those around you

Don't trust healers or quacks, only listen to the advice of experts when it comes to your health


Did you notice you’re not very warm with your words, Virgo? You need to tell the person you love about your feelings and emotions. Break this silence that shields you and remind your partner about how important they are to you.

Say sweet nothings – and maybe some flirtation isn’t bad either. Just being an observer in your relationship without taking action can lead you to emotional decline. Hug your partner and always choose to have more physical – and spiritual – contact.

If you’re single, you don’t dare to make a move for this person you like. You feel that starting something will be very complicated and you don’t seem to realize how much you’re really willing to fight for their love.

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Let everyone deal with their own business, Virgo. You feel like a little superhero that tries their best to help everybody. You fight for everybody’s injustices and financial situation. However, who will return you the favour?

In this sense, the Stars invite you to be a bit more selfish and think about your own well-being first. Once you’re completely satisfied with your situation at work you will be able to help others. You always should try to meet your own needs first.


This Tuesday will be a bit more complicated than usual for those natives who suffer from a chronic disease – especially if you’ve just started suffering from it.

Avoid visiting any healer, quack, or anyone who swears by magical rites. You should only trust traditional medicine. Otherwise, you would be risking your physical and mental health as well as your finances.

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