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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, January 21, 2021: Some from your past will come back to help you

There are many aspects of your true personality that you hide deep inside


You're doubting yourself and your pure essence, Virgo. Sometimes, you don't know if your partner really loves you for who you are or for the things you try to project. After all, there are many aspects of your true personality that you hide deep inside.

The Stars recommend you show yourself as you really are. Don't be afraid. Your other half will appreciate this honesty and will stay there for you – maybe even more!

If you're single, you also need to break that shield and drop the mask that makes you look like one more perosn in the crowd. Be your true self and tell the world you're here to enjoy. Forget about your flaws and embrace your virtues.

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Someone from your past will come back to help you manage your schedule. Make the most of this Thursday and grasp your success; it's so near you can almost feel it!

If you're able to use your analytical thinking correctly, you could make some extra money today. Don't remain in the surface. Go a step further and give a solution to the problems others can't seem to fix.

If you're thinking about setting your own business, you'd better study the area where you want to locate it and see if you will have many costumers there.


You're not sleeping well these days, Virgo. However, don't use medicines unless your doctor prescribed you something. Remember that there are natural remedies you can use in order to sleep well such as valerian.

If you live with children, you should be careful with parasites. Check their heads and make sure there aren't any lice – which is very frequent when they're in school. Similarly, check your dog's fur to prevent it from bringing fleas or ticks to the house.

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