Virgo Sunday on a sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, February 21, 2021: Your family life will bring you joy

You want to improve the communication with those people you are doing business with


You will have an easy Sunday full of harmony, Virgo. You're willing to be happy and relaxed today. You will have a very good rapport with your partner – especially if you try to be a little bit more flexible. Let your partner be the one who makes decisions today.

Your family life will bring you great joy and satisfaction. If you have children, you will witness how they grow without difficulties and some natives will even receive good news from their kids.

If you're a single Virgo, you will have a pretty good day too. You will begin your day with plenty of energy and ready to find your other half – but don't be too careless either. Remember that the most interesting and solid projects are cooked slowly.

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You should try to ease communication with those you're doing business with. Maybe you could contact your business partner, your clients, or even the landlord who receives your monthly bills.

You will find a solution to any problem you might be experiencing in this regard or you could find out about certain setbacks that you had no idea existed.

You're receiving great energy from the Stars that will help you project your integrity. You know what you're doing and how to act. You're not characterized by doing crazy things when it comes to your work or finances.


You have the best tools to get over your little health problems – like that cough you experience after talking for many hours. However, you tend to be stubborn and you believe that your health will improve without your intervention.

If your throat hurts, consider investing in some sessions with a speech therapist. This will be particularly useful if you work as a salesperson, teacher, telephone operator, or any other job that requires constant use of your voice.

Many natives are experiencing episodes of insomnia these days. If you have a generous valerian and chamomile infusion every night before going to bed, you will soon feel its positive effects and will start to sleep better.

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