The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, December 21, 2020: Use your natural charm

You will feel full of energy today; the world is yours and you can do what you want!


You want your relationship to be less rigid, Virgo. You and your partner should be able to feel completely comfortable. You could talk about the rules of your relationship and maybe you will find out that they’re not that rigid after all.

This is a moment when you need some change in order to evolve.  You will have to think exactly what you want and how you will tell your partner  so the two of you can walk in the same direction.

Single Virgo, you will be brave enough to accept emotional challenges. Your natural charm will let you analyse the person you like even if they still don’t know about your feelings.

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There are many events, reunions, and opportunities for expansion in your horizon. It’s time you use your secret weapon and use it to get to the top.

Regardless of your ethics, the Stars recommend you show a traditional image.  Smile as much as you can and choose smart clothes in order to cause a good impression.

You feel full of energy and are willing to make the most of the opportunities your profile can access. You will have an extra ability to budget.


Control the amount and quality of what you drink. You know that water is the best thing to quench your thirst. That’s why you should avoid soft drinks – you know they’re not healthy at all!

Similarly, industrial juices are very high in sugar and calories and don’t offer many nutrients. If you have problems with alcohol, maybe it’s time you make a change – even if this means looking for professional help.

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