Virgo Saturday on a sky background

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, March 20, 2021: Make up for lost time

You need more courage and tenacity to take your job more seriously


Your memory isn't the best today, Virgo. Be careful not to use someone else's name when calling your partner. Your other half won't appreciate the mistake and will become suspicious.

If you're single, you could meet an old friend you used to have feelings for. Nothing happened between you two but you wished you had more time together

Make up for lost time. Try to get back in touch with this person. You can ask for their phone number or their social media profile. Just try to get back into this person's life so that they remember you're still there – and maybe remind them that you could be what they need in order to be happy.

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Your ambitions will be a bit too surreal today. Maybe one of your workmates will have to help you keep your feet back on the ground and remind you of your current situation.

You need to take your job more seriously and be brave and tenacious. Keep your cool. You are smart enough to get over the difficulties you will encounter today  – no matter how big or terrifying they might seem at first.

At least, you can be proud to know that your finances are under control. You will do the maths and try to pay off debt and most important of all: you won't take risks if you know you may not be able to pay.


Have you considered changing the decoration of your home? The way we arrange our furniture can heavily influence our mood, Virgo. Play with the colours around you, find out which ones awaken your emotions and sensitivity, and embrace them.

Some natives will receive good news regarding the health of a relative who has been dealing with some health issues. Things are getting better!

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