Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, July 20, 2020: Your family life will experience some changes

You will be very close to your distant relatives and you will help each other whenever you need it


Virgo, this Monday will be a day of rumours and gossip in your life. It will seem like a normal day but hidden stories could be revealed today: romances you didn’t know, secret children…etc.

Still, Venus will favour your relationships and it will make things easier inside the family. You will be very close to your distant relatives and you will help each other whenever you’re going through tough times.

You have time to fall in love and you will feel inevitably attracted to someone who will come into your life. It will be love at first sight with someone new for you and who seems that will remain by your side for a time.

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Jupiter opens the door to a great bonus today. This Monday, all those Virgos who would like to ask for a salary raise can relax. You only need to ask what you want because you could get it. If you don’t, the worst that could happen is that nothing changes in your life, so it’s worth it!

You’re managing your finances in a very healthy way  and your wealth is increasing. You will make an effort to have more resources. You’ve become more ambitious and you’re daydreaming about your professional evolution.

Keep your phone around and make sure it’s charged. You will receive phone calls today. Some of them will be trivialities but some others will be really interesting.

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You will feel scared this Monday. You’re afraid you could suffer from the illnesses you see on the news and, even if you’re healthy, you will believe you’re experiencing some of the symptoms. You need to stop this fear or your spirit will become weaker.

You need to improve your hygiene. You could suffer problems connected to smell and sweat. Maybe you’re not using the right deodorant for you so try some little changes to improve the situation.