The sign of Virgo in half a purple circle

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, January 20, 2021: You will look for your true essence

You will forget about the negative thoughts that had been blurring your mind lately


It's the end of the first month of the year and you're very enthusiastic about that, Virgo. You're truly one of the most vital signs of the horoscope and you will make the most of every hour this Wednesday.

You will forget about the negative thoughts that had been blurring your mind lately and you will start controlling that darkness that sometimes takes over your mind. You will be happy to receive little news from your family and friends.

As for the affairs of the heart, your day will be quiet and stable – although you might not use the word "happy" to describe it. If you're single, you will enjoy taking care of your inner world. You have chosen to be alone in order to find your pure essence.

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Everything will go well and as expected at work as long as you do everything as you had planned and don't start to improvise; otherwise, everything that could end up going wrong, will go wrong!

Be very careful if you have to invest money – especially if you're not at your wealthiest. Luck is not by your side right now so you'd better not leave anything to chance and invest only if you're sure about it.

You will have lots of whims today and you feel like buying things you don't really need right now – such as new clothes or decorative items for your home. You need to remember that you're saving for a reason!


Just as you need to make sure you only buy the things you need – not the ones you want –, you will have to do a similar exercise when it comes to your health. Find out which things you need and which ones you want to.  Remember that shortcuts aren't ht best option when it comes to health.

Think about your current situation in life. Do you need to work on your spirituality a bit more? Your figure and muscles aren't the only thing that need training.

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