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Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, December 20, 2020: Always remember how lucky you are

Find the tools you need to change the situation and don't let people tell you what you have to do


Certain fears make you walk slower in your life, Virgo. One of them is the fact that you feel vulnerable to those around you. You beg for some love: you want them to pay you more attention and take care of your needs.

You need to open the doors of your heart! Fill your life with more light and bring fresh air to your toxic thoughts. You will be able to overcome your fears and be happy at last!

Actually, your partner will be a great help here by being attentive and supportive. You will be grateful for what you have and you will feel proud of your luck – even if you tend to forget it sometimes.

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A workmate – or your boss – is making decisions on your behalf regarding some matters at work. It’s time you do something about it before your ability to decide is completely ignored! Find the tools you need to change this situation but first pay attention to the details.

This Sunday won’t be very easy and maybe you will have to find allies if you want to succeed. Fortunately, the best options will be in your family.

If you’re looking for a job, think about the company you’re about to call. You need to show interest in the position you’re applying for. Maybe this won’t be the job of your life but you need to pay the bills!


You will be able to overcome the setbacks life will put in your way in terms of health.

Be more aware of your lifestyle and stop rushing everywhere: running from place to place and always trying to use the shortcuts can make you end up falling – in a literal and metaphorical way!

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