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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 2, 2021: You have a very clear vision at work

Don't be frustrated or feel bad if you wish to be alone from time to time


You wish to be alone today, Virgo. You will feel a little bit uninterested in the world around you. Your partner, your family, or even your friends won't be enough motivation for you to be in company.

Have you used all your energy during the weekend? Are you too tired after too much love and social interaction? It's ok, Virgo. Take the time you need in order to recover and don't forget that this is only a temporary phase.

Don't feel bad or alienated if you want to be alone for a while. You know that finding yourself is essential if you want to love others without boundaries.

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You have a very clear vision at work and you will be able to see what's right and wrong in your current projects. Today will be a very good day for self-criticism, Virgo.

If you've just started a business, you should double your efforts today! Things will get better so don't give up and just keep rowing towards your goals.

You will be very smart with your money, Virgo. You will consider different ways to deal with the debt you've started to accumulate. You will soon be able to sort everything out and you won't have to avoid that person who lent you money anymore.


You want to trust others and this might end up with you trusting someone who could talk to you into buying a product or hiring a service that is supposed to make you healthier.

But be careful with tricksters, Virgo.  Don't listen to anyone talking about miracle diets, superfoods that heal all the illnesses, or alternative therapiesthat contradict doctors.

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