Virgo Horoscope for Friday

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, April 2, 2021: Diplomacy is your signature

The day will end very quickly so make the most of every hour today


Virgo, you feel that your partner is putting your patience to the test today. There hasn't been any important conflict but you can feel that with their gestures and behaviour they're trying you all day.

Don't take it personally, Virgo. Maybe your partner is having a bad day. Be strong and ignore their comments while offering your love and affection. If you express love and offer more kisses and physical contact than usual, you will see by the end of the day that their attitude is changing and becoming calmer.

Single Virgo, you are very sensitive today. This means that you're vulnerable and the person you like might end up hurting you just with a comment.

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You are an interesting negotiator today. If you do things well, you might make a significant amount of money thanks to the seeds you'll plant today. Believe in your strongest points more than ever and be confident.

Virgo, are you looking for a patron to help you in your artistic projects? Then your phone will ring with fantastic news for you.

The day will pass really quickly so make the most of every hour you have. Remember that diplomacy will help you today so don't let your guard down.


You feel tired today. The change in seasons seems to have had an effect on you. The weekend is near but you feel more like staying at home and not leaving your bed. You want to relax and take it easy.

Are you comfortable with your shoes? If your feet have hurt or you believe you may be more comfortable with different shoes, don't hesitate and change them. No matter how beautiful your high heels are, health will always be the first thing to take into account.

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