Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, October 19, 2020: When it's time to find discounts you will hold all the aces

Single Virgo, you can find happiness with someone who is already part of your life


Many Virgos in a relationship have spent too much time coexisting with the same person under the same roof. The day has lost part of its emotion and colour and now everything seems to be grey for you.

Give communication the importance it needs. Blaming each other for every little thing can become a painful weapon and it will leave a wound that won’t heal with simple love words.

If you’re a single Virgo, Cupid will try to shoot an old arrow again and see if this time it has the right effect on you. You will see that you can find happiness with someone who is already part of your life.

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You will be much appreciated at work, Virgo. Your opinion will be taken into account and many will ask you to give them a piece of your mind about their tasks.

You will be very good at finding leisure activities and offers that will let you have fun without spending much money. If you surf the internet, you will be able to find last-minute theatre tickets with really interesting discounts, for example.

Some other plans are free. There are many public libraries that not only will let you take home their books. They also have films for you to watch at home.

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Your health will be a little bit unstable. Knowing this in advance, you should be careful with the food you eat and the products that cause you allergies or intolerances.

Participate in relaxing activities, meditate, or start having a daily bath. Or if you prefer it and you can, get a massage done in a spa. Anything that helps you relax will work wonders for your health.

A rose-scented incense – or perfume – will help you improve your state and will bring beautiful memories from the past back to your memory.

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