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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 19, 2021: Laughter will be the foundation of your love life

Pursue your professional dreams and follow your plans in order to see progress


Your sense of humour will be the foundation of your relationship, Virgo. Whenever you're with your partner, do you feel like laughing or do you prefer grunting and yelling?

Try to paint your love life in pink, Virgo. Find a plan that makes you two laugh. When was the last time you went to the cinema and watched a comedy? Do you prefer to watch stand up comedy in the theatre? Why not? Defend your intimacy and if you have children, ask a friend to mind them for a day.

Single Virgo, laughter will be your weapon too if you're trying to seduce someone. Nobody will fall in love with a grumpy person, right?

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Pursue your professional dreams and make sure you follow your plans. Try to see work as something dynamic and alive. You need to develop your strategic thinking and try to predict the changes in the market and how you can act according to them.

Unfortunately, you always need to be alert. You will have to plan your following movements so that your current position doesn't fall apart and you can continue making mone.

Virgo, if you aren't making much money right now, open your door and go look for wealth!


You need to find a physical activity that goes together with your hobbies, this way you won't feel forced to exercise. Moving is always beneficial, the activity you choose doesn't really matter: dancing, horse riding, martial arts...

Your body will be responsive today but try to recognise your limits. Don't overexert your body, Virgo.

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